Now Open: It's Always Bedtime at New ‘Burg Vintage Store Franny and Roey

There are, we think you'll agree, a lot of vintage stores in Williamsburg. There are so many vintage stores that if you open a new one, you really need a way to stand out. You could, for example, feature a local hat artist, or focus entirely on one particular era of vintage—or, if you were the people behind Franny and Rooey, you could decorate your store with a giant bed.

When we stumbled upon the shop at 252 Grand Street on its opening day this Saturday, the doors were flung open, the olive-green walls were glowing, and five or six people were sitting on the bed in the back chatting. It looked like someone's 1970s bedroom had magically appeared, Freaky-Friday—style, in the middle of Williamsburg. And while we cannot in all honesty say that we found anything to buy, we did admire the styling. The Salinger-referencing name, by the way, comes from the owners, who met as co-workers at the vintage store Zachary's Smile: One's first name is Franny, the other's last name is Roey.
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