Now Open: Carroll Garden's New Gourmet Grocery Store Brings Out the Exclamation Points

[Image via A Brooklyn Life]

New food shop Gourmet Fresh has opened at 439 Court Street in the previously grocer-bereft Carroll Gardens, and the locals have responded with many, many exclamation points. Writes A Brooklyn Life: "The sizable new space (interestingly run by the people who ran the truly appalling Key Foods previously on the block) is reasonably priced, has great-looking produce, rotisserie chicken (!!!), and all the organic cereal brands, canned goods and specialty items a health-conscious Brooklynite could desire."

Adds a commenter, "GF has...Fantastik with bleach!" But there's a downside, as another points out: "I couldn't get past my total sticker shock for Fage Greek yogurt: $6.99!!! Last time I looked, that's $2 more than Park Natural!" We haven't seen punctuation this enthusiastic since Whole Foods hit Tribeca.
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