Now Open: EBay's Holiday Pop-Up

Lest you be misled by the fact that eBay has promised to offer tons of cool fashion items at its seasonal pop-up, let us inform you: You cannot actually buy anything in the store. You can, however, shop for similar items on eBay.

It's true, we were perplexed, too. Especially when we walked in and found so many wares in the store on 57th street, arranged in clever categories like "eco-friendly," "stylista," and "kids." Instead, each display is meant to serve merely as inspiration for the kinds of merchandise you can find on eBay, accompanied by the "average price" found on the world's biggest online marketplace -- from My Favorite Barbie for $34 to vintage sunglasses for $32.04. In fact, we found ourselves mesmerized by the averages on the signboards -- the average Balenciaga bag sells on eBay for $470? That can't be right, especially when the average Hermes cuffe sells for $436. But we digress.

Find something you like in the displays? Cheery salespeople are quick to encourage you to hop on any of the various kiosks in the store and shop for a similar item on eBay. Now, in the case of, say, a specific digital camera, that's at least somewhat easy to do, but showing a gal a very specific pair of vintage Jimmy Choo pumps and then suggesting one attempt to find it on eBay is a bit more difficult.

The good news is that the store will be offering $50 "flash giveaways" every day at noon to eBay followers on Facebook and Twitter, so start following now to take advantage while supplies last.

The eBay Pop-Up is located at 3 West 57th Street, and will be open through November 29 (closed Thanksgiving Day).

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