Angry Leno Fans Fail to Get “Schmuck” Letterman Fired

Angry Leno Fans Fail to Get Letterman Fired

Unless you're one of the unlucky few (hundreds of thousands) who hasn't gotten a handle on the whole analog-to-DTV switch, you know by now that late last week David Letterman joked about Palin's daughter getting "knocked up by Alex Rodriguez."

Despite Letterman's second, more sincere apology to Sarah Palin for his tasteless joke about her daughter, and the Alaska governor's gracious acceptance of same, angry protesters were in force Tuesday.

Just outside The Ed Sullivan Theater, where Letterman tapes his show, a ragtag collection of zealots would not be denied their pound of flesh.

They called him a "schmuck," his son Harry a "bastard" (which, to be fair, he is) and declared an abiding affection for Leno.

But perhaps no one captured the zietgeist like one woman who pleaded with the crowd, "Keep children safe from David Letterman's mouth! He will rape them with his mouth!"

It was a suitably classless closing note to the sideshow of the week.

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