“Housewives” Star Danielle Straub to Snooki: “Do Your Thing”

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"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Danielle Straub had some words of wisdom last night for fellow reality TV star Snooki from MTV’s controversial hit series "Jersey Shore" during a film screening she hosted in midtown last night: Beware the haters.

The fiery mother of two who was caught up in an alleged sex tape scandal and was hosting a screening of "The Lovely Bones" in Times Square last night, said she hasn't seen the Jersey-based reality show about twenty-something Italian Americans sharing a shore house. But her 16-year-old daughter who describes it as “a lot of hot guido's hooking up with a lot of hot guidettes,” she said.  

What advice do you have for Snooki?
Do your thing. Don't let people stand in you're way. And be very careful because there are haters out there. I always say, if it feels good draw it near. If it doesn't steer clear.

What about advice for the other cast members of Jersey Shore?
From experience with reality television, be very careful because you're going to look back at that. And hopefully they will and have learned something from it.

Do you think "Jersey Shore" stereotypes Italians?
I think that Italians sometimes get a bad rap cause we are put into a certain category for our behavior. But each one of us can change our individual behavior and maybe I’ll just do that on my own.

What can we expect from your memoir “The Naked Truth” coming out in May?
The truth. There are no two sides to anyone’s life story. I lived my life. No one else did. So I told it my way. The way I lived it.

Do you clear up any rumors in “The Naked Truth?”
I hate to disappoint people but I was never a (prostitute) in any way shape or form. But if judging me means that I get to do really fabulous things, then keep judging me.

Finally, what are your thoughts about the disaster in Haiti?

“There’s complete and utter heartbreak in Haiti. My heart just breaks for those people.

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