NiteTalk: Twin Brother DJ Duo Darin & Greg Bresnitz Pull Some Punches

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Identical twin brothers Darin and Greg Bresnitz are always on the move. Or is that making people move? When the duo isn't producing IFC's "Dinner with the Band" (a show the puts musicians like Andrew W.K. and Rufus Wainwright in edgy chef Sam Mason's kitchen), they're churning out disco-tinged dance tracks -- not to mention remixing indie darlings Au Revoir Simone -- as part of production/DJ team PUNCHES.

Still sleepy from their Saturday night set at the Dance Right party (where they joined the likes of Holy Ghost! and Classixx), we caught up with the boys at their rehearsal space to chat about TV, cab rides, and European tours.

What's your music background? PUNCHES is made up of three of like-minded music lovers. Alan Astor has been making music for years, while Darin and Greg a.k.a. Finger On The Pulse DJs have been DJing for five years.  They also took piano lessons when they were six. 

How did a dance music project start? PUNCHES was born during a cab ride one cold, Brooklyn December night with thoughts of warm weather and the perfect summer soundtrack. The sound is dynamic and fresh, heavily influenced by disco vibes with indie elements united by a common goal to get you moving. 

Punches sounds playful -- how did you guys come up with the name? We were tossing around a ton of names and we just landed on this one on the way to a party and we felt it captured our vibe best. 

You also produce "Dinner With The Band" on IFC -- what bands have been the best cooks? One of the best bands was Au Revoir Simone. They really got in there and got their hands dirty. It was great watching them take over the kitchen. 

It's a cool, but unconventional concept for a show -- how did you guys come up with the idea? Darin came up with the idea about five years ago. He took our two biggest passions in life and combined them. 

What's getting more of your attention these days, music or TV projects? We try to stay equally focused on both. We are currently working on two new shows but at the same time we are heading to Europe this week. Its a balance since we love both things equally. 

How was last night's party? It was great. Holy Ghost!, Classixx & Jessica 6 are some of our favorite artists and we were really excited to play with them. We love the Dance Right parties and are pumped to see them come out to New York this summer. 

Are you guys touring at all? We are heading to Europe this week for a few weeks. We are hitting Copenhagen, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, London and a few other places. After that we have a couple really big shows in New York that we cannot announce yet, but we promise they are going to be epic. 

What's up next for the Finger on the Pulse/Punches/Dinner with the Band crew? We are in our third year of our Summer BBQ series at Good Co in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our next one is on June 16 with Cathy Erway from not eating out in nyc.  You can check out the full summer lineup at 

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