NitePics: Air Guitar Champs Rock Out for Nation’s Top Title

The best American air guitarists from across the nation rocked out at Irving Plaza for the title of National Champion Air Guitarist. The winner is headed to Finland for the World Championship competition.

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The best American air guitarists from across the nation rocked out at Irving Plaza for the title of National Champion Air Guitarist. Meg Linafelter, whose stage name is Aireola, is from Minnesota and is one of two women who participated in the championship at Irving Plaza.
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Alex Forbes, whose air guitar stage name is Ricky Stinkfingers, is a Brooklyn native.
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The Kansas City champion, Eric "Mean Melin" Melin, had a few special effects with his performance, including confetti and splattering fake blood.
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Nordic Thunder has a stare down with Shreddy Mercury before the competition began.
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Bjorn Turoque not only hosted this event, but has also starred in the feature film Air Guitar Nation and wrote the book "To Air is Human."
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The Hungry March Band warmed up the crowd with actual instruments before the air guitarists took the stage.
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Janice Gomez, who goes by the Bride of Rock on stage, is one of two women in the competition.
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Jason Farnan is from San Diego and goes by Lieutenant Facemelter on stage.
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Air guitar die-hard fans enjoyed every moment of the championship competition.
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Matthew Burns just turned 21, is from New Jersey and goes by Airistotle on stage.
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Brock McRock is the stage name of Austin, Texas, native Taylor Fullbright.
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Air guitar fans also enjoyed the show from the Irving Plaza balconies.
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Brock McRock is ready to rock in the 2010 US Air Guitar National Finals. This years event was held in Gramercy at Irving Plaza.
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A few of the participants in this years US Air Guitar National Finals join together before the competition.
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Direct from New York City is Shreddy Mercury, whose real name is Seth Leibowitz.
Rob Weychert was representing Boston at the competition and goes by Windhammer.
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Those bright green chops belong to San Francisco's very own Cold Steel Renegade, whose real name is Matt Feldstein.
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Chuck Mung is in an air guitar band on TV show "America's Got Talent." He is from Portland and his real name is Garth Donald.
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Denver native, Ryan Laman, is known on stage as Dreamcatcher and was a crowd favorite.
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He may be known as Justin Howard in his home town of Chicago, but on stage he's Nordic Thunder.
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Lance Kasten, known by Shred, was the oldest contestant in the competition. His three daughters came with him from Washington, D.C., and cheered him on from the crowd.
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Romeo Dance Cheetah, whose real name is Matt Cornelison, represented Milwaukee at the competition.
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The defending New York champion from 2009 is William Ocean, whose name is Andrew Litz.
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Ted Theodore Powers (Guardian) represented Houston in the competition. His real name is actually Ted Powers.
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Jaamal Benjamin, known on stage as The High-Drator, is from Philadelphia and included some break dancing moves in his air guitar performance.
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Thundergland is Matt Barat's air guitar stage name. He was representing Boulder, Colorado, in the competition.
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The 2005 US Air Guitar Champion, Rockness Monster, kept the crowds entertained while the judges were tallying the scores.
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Romeo Dance Cheetah takes home the evening's top prize and is shown here sporting the U.S. air guitar champion belt.
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Runner up, Dreamcatcher, holds the US champion, Romeo Dance Cheetah, on his shoulders.
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