Nightlife Juggernaut to Hit North Williamsburg


Yesterday, in a piece in the Times about the new mall coming to Bushwick, they reveal a little sumthin sumthin about a mini complex hitting Williamsburg. Referencing the area of Berry and North 11th as "another Brooklyn area hit by the recession," we learn the ground floor of the massive reno/development at 44 Berry—it was a seltzer factory now converted into luxury rentals, so hip!—there will be "an organic dry cleaner; a record shop; a Southern-style barbecue restaurant; and a gym," oh and two bars with basement lounges, all set to open later this year.

The restaurant is massive and is set to be called Mother's Smokehouse & Banquet Hall. With Fatty Cue and Pies 'n' Thighs opening soon, it will be, in the very least, redundant, but the big mysteries here are those bar spaces. Williamsburg barely has any bars with basement lounges, but two? Both in a luxury development just a block away from the already slick and upscale Brooklyn Bowl? With all those stalled developments on the waterfront, one must wonder who will support this nightlife juggernaut while all the hipster kids hole up in the Charleston and the Turkey's Nest.

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