Night Club to Jersey Girls: You Are Not Welcome Here

The newly opened MePa club Provocateur may be invitation-only for now, but the folks behind it would like everyone to know that when the doors swing wide open sometime in 2010, your passport had better be stamped Paris, Barcelona and Berlin.

Last week, NBC New York wrote about the soft opening of the club and lounge. Well, Michael Satsky and co. (of defunct Stereo and Hamptons' Lilly Pond -- Satsky once stated that the door policy of the latter was "pussy and whales") thought the story was "misleading." In the interests of setting the record straight, we are willing to admit that we had not tried one of the detoxifying cocktails before coming to the conclusion that such a thing, on the face of it, was absurd.

Further, we may have been a little hasty when we said we had hoped that the Great Recession had put an end to "clubs that serve overpriced cocktails to bankers and girls from New Jersey."

But a Provacateur flack would like you to know that the overpriced $22-dollar cocktails are for Euro-trash girls. In an email to NBCNewYork, the club's rep stressed the Meatpacking District  venue was "catering to an international crowd and NOT New Jersey Girls."

Sorry, ladies. While the detoxifying cocktails promise to firm up those cheeks and nourish your eyebrows, if you live west of the Hudson, you'll have to go somewhere else. Maybe a dermatologist and not a bar.
The two-room club was designed by the firm iCrave (also responsible for neighbor Tenjune) and the Provocateur flack would like to emphasize that it is a $5 million investment and "hardly a freak show." Because, if there is one thing we have learned in the last year, it is that more expensive = better.

"When was the last time you heard of a nightlife venue that invested $5 million dollars?" he asked us.

Well, not recently, but that was probably a rhetorical question.

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