Nicky Hilton Knows How to Have Fun the Old-Fashioned Way

Anna Kournikova got in a scratching fight with a woman in Vegas who accused Anna of invading her personal space. Joan Jett made Kristen Stewart cry on the set of The Runaways, in which Kristen is playing a young Joan, but the two have since made up. Nicky Hilton and boyfriend David Katzenberg sat outside the Lily Pond in East Hampton Saturday night laughing at the club's rejects. Hilton "stayed outside, hysterically laughing every time someone wasn't let in. She was loving it." NBC's Ben Silverman was at the White House "responding to Obama's request to bring the entertainment industry into White House initiatives."

Michael Jackson's death may have caused Us Weekly to lose money because they couldn't put Kendra Wilkinson's wedding photos on the cover. Diane Keaton was injured on the midtown set of her movie Morning Glory yesterday when a sumo wrestler bumped her a little too hard. Keaton was removed from her own sumo suit and placed in a neck brace. Reps for district-attorney candidate Cyrus Vance Jr. claim his rival Leslie Crocker Snyder had something to do with Vance's campaign car being pulled over by cops at the Gay Pride Parade. Governor David Paterson went to a pool party at Russell Simmons's house in Bridgehampton. Amanda Peet has some advice for future Columbia student Emma Watson: "The best thing about Columbia is the boys."

LXTV anchor Sara Gore is now engaged to writer-director Matthew Miele. Cindy Adams believes Bernie Madoff might be shaken down in prison. Elle senior vice-president Carol Smith is having a party at her apartment tonight. Erin Lucas and Peaches Geldof got free sneakers from the Nike store in Soho. Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia has a new comic book about Norse superheroes. Someone at Vogue doesn't think new events director Sylvana Soto-Ward is going to do a good job.

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