Best Boutiques for Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

Thought you could put it off 'til now, eh? Well, fortunately for you, we've rounded up some brilliant spots for everyone on your nice list -- from your too-cool best friend to your cubicle-sharing office mate.

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Relic NY
For your best friend, who always claims to know about everything first: Relic NY.
You've been exchanging gifts and sharing just about everything for years, so if this time you've got to put a creative twist on your common fashion interests, make an appointment at the Relic NY Williamsburg showroom. Having recently launched an online shop showcasing her found "new vintage" wares, proprietor Janel Molton also hosts by-appointment visits to view her extensive collection of Lanvin, Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Celine, Moschino, Derek Lam, Costume National, and more firsthand.
Telemundo Arizona
For Mom: Gifted at the Brooklyn Flea
Let's face it, there's not much you can get the lady that will repay what she's laid on the line over the years, so may as well forego the expense -- that you know she'll tsk tsk -- for an impression based on the truly unique handmade treasures at Gifted. Local artists and artisans offer jewelry, bags, tabletop tchotchkes, art prints, baked goods, furniture, clothing - you name it. (20 East 40th, at Lafayette)
For the friend born with superior vintage hunting skills: Narnia.
You know that girl who always has some special get-up that, when asked, inevitably elicits the knowing "it's vintage, darling" smile? Well, we have a strong feeling she'd absolutely love something from Narnia. The Lower East Side treasure trove is lovingly packed with clothing, jewelry and accessories in excellent condition, from top labels like Gucci, Chanel and Manolo. (161 Rivington Street)
Telemundo San Antonio
For your significant other's parents: ABC Home.
You could always use an excuse to troll the bazaar-like aisles of New York's favorite bohemian home goods mecca, so make it a destination for maybe the most difficult people on your list, the (soon-to-be) in-laws. Although prices can soar sky-high, search and you shall find uniquely sweet finds sourced from the far corners of the earth or a show-stopper amongst piles of silk pillows and organic wood furniture accents. (888 Broadway)
Telemundo San Antonio
For that friend who's always having her best day, fashion-wise, without even trying: Eponymy.
Everybody knows one. The perfect girl who is so cool, instead of hating her you love her, and only hope that you could pick out something she'd like. Eponymy is an unassuming treasure trove of vintage and contemporary clothing, jewelry, accessories and home items, as well as original artwork by local photographers. See? We told you it was cool. (466 Bergen Street, Cobble Hill)
For the special someone who shares your cube: Fred Flare.
You've laughed, you've cried, you've shared inappropriate YouTube videos and talked for hours about getting snacks. Best place to go for your co-worker who knows you inside and out, hit up Fred Flare. From bacon band-aids for copier casualties, an eco coffee cup for her daily Starbucks or the glossy "Geeky Dreamboats: A Celebration" to call out a not-so-secret crush on Michael Cera, Fred'll have you browsing, and laughing, for hours. (131 Maserole Avenue, Greenpoint)
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For the man in your life whose 2010 resolution will undoubtedly involve more sophisticated rituals of self-grooming and dressing: Freemans Sporting Club.
The well-heeled man knows that Freemans is a lot more than the best artichoke dip ever and boozy brunch. The gentleman's general store, along with its fashion offerings, provides made-to-measure tailoring services and an old-school barbershop for one of the city's best, and rare, hot shaves or, perhaps, the $25 hangover treatment. (8 Rivington Street)
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For the upscale stylish pal, who knows the value of a well-crafted piece: Albertine & Albertine General
Lucky for you, these two jewel box-like stores are right next to each other on Christopher Street -- one offering gorgeous, hard-to-find dresses and the other vintage and one-of-a-kind jewelry. Where else can you find a quirky Madame Fortuna necklace and a Gary Graham halter belt on the same stretch of pavement? (13-15 Christopher Street)
A & G Merch
For the world's greatest, worst, or most average boss: A & G Merch.
Brooklyn's eclectic emporium of cheeky design tchotchkes provides a plethora of gift options for any kind of boss this holiday. Show off your refined taste with a set of faux vintage tumblers or a retro cue ball click calendar instead of the requisite paperweight. (111 North 6th Street, Williamsburg)
Muji USA
For the roommate(s), whose gifts may directly affect your life, and so must be chosen wisely: Muji.
The genius of Muji lies in the distinctly Japanese sense of minimal, smart design, in all products from desktop and paper to clothing and bags to home accessories. Whether you're trying to send a subtle message to a busy mess with a set of beautiful acrylic storage boxes, or simply want to give your bedroom neighbor something that "seems to exist anywhere but hardly find it," as per the Muji philosophy, perhaps with a silicone ice ball maker or perfect little cardboard speakers. (455 Broadway)
Apiece Apart at Mick Margo
For the sophisticated fashion-monger: Mick Margo.
This West Village mainstay has built a hardcore group of devotees both by its selection of top, slightly under-the-radar designers and the fact that it's more than just a shop -- it's like a club run by the fashion-obsessed. Rachel Comey, Alexander Wang, Araks, Ports 1961, VPL, Apiece Apart and so many more offer endless possibilities. (19 Commerce Street)
Pinterest / Lu' um há
For the new-mom girlfriend who's smitten with her babe, but also still deserves to still look cute: Petit Bateau.
Petit Bateau is perhaps best known for the adorably French baby fashions, but their women's line of tees and gently sexy underthings are just as charming. So, when you go over to your friend's place to watch the baby or do the dishes, stop at Petit Bateau first and find things to baby both of them. (1100 Madison Avenue)
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For your snowboarding, life-loving brother: Burton
The Burton store in Soho is a dream sequence of the sport's finest equipment, like - wait for it - snowboards and such, but there's a lot more where that came from. Your brother may have low expectations for how cool your gift can be, but if you surprise him with such Burton gems as the Liquid Lounger insulated backpack or the Tech Flannel with DRYRIDE technology to keep that hipster warm and dry, you may just earn some cred. (106 Spring Street)
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For the dude who keeps out the crazies, doesn't judge all of your comings and goings, and greets you with a warm smile after a long day, a.k.a. Your Doorman: Stinky Bklyn.
The indispensable family that mans the door deserves a gourmet treat from our very favorite cheese shop. You can pick from a huge selection of the best cheeses by region or consistency, but Stinky's selection is not just limited to cheese. Mast Brothers Chocolate -- sublimely simple gourmet chocolate started by a pair of siblings in Williamsburg -- offers dark and milk chocolate flavors, enhanced with everything from salt to pepper. Plus, the beautiful paper packaging on every bar guarantees a perfect presentation. (261 Smith Street)
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For New York's version of a BFF, the therapist: The Golden Calf.
The Golden Calf may be small, but the items it manages to pack within are many. When looking to gift your therapist, who has spent years listening to you, go to this little antique shop ceramic coffee presses and myriad vintage teacups, handmade blankets and pillows in every color and a rainbow of elegant taper candles. (319 Wythe Avenue)
For the impossibly cool, au natural Pilates instructor: Camilla Boutique.
She's brought new life to your thighs, so why not give back with a responsible, chic gift from the totally eco-friendly Camilla Boutique? We've all been green-washed, but this is the real deal. Equally as important is the store's impeccably curated clothing and home goods by a fashion industry veteran, who has not sacrificed an ounce of aesthetic when it comes to Camilla's green products. (355 Atlantic Avenue)
The Thread
For a father who's either nostalgic for his guitar-playing youth or is simply digging music in middle age: Warwick & Framus New York Custom Shop
From the street, the Custom Shop storefront shines with gleaming guitars hung from exposed brick walls, underneath an antique tin ceiling. Besides the comprehensive selection of guitars and basses, with an expert staff to match, the newly opened shop will host artist clinics and events. (76 East 7th Street)
Charlie & Sam
For the hardest-working, under-appreciated, selfless and beautiful YOU: Charlie and Sam.
Opened last year by sharply fashion-intuitive sisters Daniela Parker Bowles and Claudia Argiro, Charlie and Sam stocks clothing and accessories from up-and-coming designers and coveted international brands. Dogs are welcome to take a browse, too, so at the end of a long, successful year and shopping sesh, take a load off and a hot dress home. (136 Grand Street)
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