New York Wine & Food Fest Preview: The Hot Tickets

At midnight on Sunday, tickets for the second annual New York Wine and Food Festival, taking place over Columbus Day weekend, go on sale to the public. Since there's an overwhelming number of events in such disparate price ranges, here now, an Eater Preview Overview. Word to the wise: expect quick sell-outs for several of the major events—the Bruni talk, the Burger Bash—so get on them early to guarantee a spot.

1) Burger Bash, $200: It's a pricey ticket for sure, but one that comes with unlimited booze, live music, and more burgers than one can possibly consume. It was hands-down the most entertaining event of last year's fest, not only because of the indulgence but also because of the sheer number of top chefs that brought their A game. Look for more of the same this year. (BONUS: Check back here on Monday to find out how you can win tickets—and a chance to compete.)

2) Meatball Madness, $200: This is a new one, so we're not sure how it's going to go down, but if it's anywhere near as fun as the burger bash, we're in.

3) Bruni Unveiled, $35 OR TimesTalks featuring Anthony Bourdain interviewed by Frank Bruni, $30: By the time the event rolls around, everyone will have seen Frank talk on Nightline and the like. But these will nevertheless be must-see, absurd-detail-heavy talks with the man, the legend—the Bruni.

4) Bob Dylan Wine Pairing, $125: Sadly, Bob won't be onsite, but it's definitely one of the festival's more unusual events: an evening of the music of Bob Dylan with wine to match individual songs. Featuring Jean-Luc Le Du and Joe Bastianich.

5) Down South Up North, $200: Paula Deen, her sons, Art Smith and Katie Lee Joel among others put their fried chicken head to head in a Southern family-style dinner.

6) Anthony Bourdain and David Chang present "I Call Bullshit!", $35: The two chefs frankly discuss current trends and forecast the future of food.

7) Dinner with Alain Ducasse, $400: Assisted by Joel Dennis of Adour and Pierre Schaedelin of Benoit Bistro, Ducasse prepares a French dinner at the James Beard House.

8) Panel Discussion: Is Fine Dining in New York Over?, $25: Daniel Boulud, Andrew Carmellini, scribe Kate Krader, and Andre Soltner discuss whether the combo of popular gastronomic eats and the recession is deadly for New York's fine dining scene.

9) SWEET, $175: Honestly, this one is only worth it if you have a inhuman sweet tooth and don't feel guilty after a night of eating 50 desserts. If you fit the bill, you can sample the creations of the best pastry chefs in the country.

Disclaimer: Eater is a sponsor of the Festival.

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