New MTA Gizmo to Reduce Passenger Snorting, Eye-Rolling

Subway riders will be able to track trains in real time, thanks to MTA experiment

The NYT reports that New York City Transit is cooking up an experiment coming before the holidays to the Myrtle-Wyckoff station on the L line - they'll install

"a computer screen at each end of the platform showing a graphic representation of the entire L line and the location of every train on it. Waiting passengers can watch the trains move along the tracks as the data is updated every 15 seconds."

That's right. You'll be able to see exactly why the hell you've been cooling your heels on the platform for 19 minutes at rush hour and to cross reference the PA station announcements (if you you can decipher them, that is) with the real thing, displayed right there on a live screen. How long before some enterprising (read: recently laid-off from IT) young GRUP hacks into the mainframe and starts using it to play subway Pac Man? We give it a week. [NYT]

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