New ‘Mummy' Film Helps Shed Light On China In Run Up To Olympics

This summer, the entire world will get a look at modern day China as the Olympics take over Beijing. Moviegoers however, can get a look at China’s past thanks to “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,” the latest in the popular Brendan Fraser-fronted film series.

Isabella Leong who plays Lin in the film, told Access Hollywood she was thrilled that with the games coming up, the latest “Mummy” vehicle helps shed more light on her home country.

“I’m really excited because I’m from Hong Kong, China, and this movie, [this] big Hollywood movie has lots of Chinese culture and history,” Leong said. “[The] American audience has a chance to see it. I think [Director] Rob Cohen did a really great job about Chinese culture.”

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China’s own film star and martial arts legend, Jet Li, who plays the “Mummy” latest baddie, Emperor Han, said he was thrilled the games were based out of his neck of the woods.

“Beijing is my home town. Everybody [is] welcome. Join the party,” Li said.

The actor noted he is glad the world will get a look at his China.

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“I think [people should] treat [the Olympics] like a big party,” he said. “Today’s China [has changed] a lot after 38 years and you can just go there to enjoy life.”

As for the latest “Mummy” film, fans can enjoy some martial arts action according to Luke Ford, who plays Brendan Fraser’s on-screen son Alex O’Connell.

He admitted that in tackling Emperor Han, he gets to physically take on Li in the film.

”[It was] phenomenal, I mean who can say that you helped beat Jet Li up, you know?” Ford laughed. “No one’s ever going to intimidate me. He’s great, he’s a lovely man, a very generous man. He’s got quite a sense of humor too… He’s a really great guy.”

The movie also features franchise newcomer Maria Bello, who takes over the role of Rick O’Connell’s wife, Evelyn, a part previously played by Rachel Weisz. Bello, who just became engaged to boyfriend Bryn Mooser, said she felt no pressure stepping into the role.

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