New York’s Best Bagel Is Identified Again


In the bagel battle between boroughs, Brooklyn reigned supreme.

That's according to Serious Eats, which conducted a blind bagel taste test and found that Bagel Hole on 7th Avenue in Park Slope schmeared the competition.

The contest was narrowed to the three most bagel happy boroughs -- deduced by Serious Eats as Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. 

Bagel tasters picked a schlew of shops, from the obvious -- H&H, Ess-A-Bagel, Murray's and Brooklyn Bagel -- to smaller locales like Hot Bialys in Queens and Terrace Bagels in Brooklyn that were close contenders for the top bagel spot.

All the doughy gems were subject to the same criterion -- which in an nutshel, was consumption quickly out of the oven.  As a sidenote of the study, Serious Eats found that bagels lose their texture and taste a mere 30 minutes after their baked.

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