New Yorkers Dissect The Royal Wedding

Hardline royal geeks and curious, groggy onlookers gathered in the Ace Hotel lobby pre-dawn for a viewing of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding. Many wore hats, many more chugged coffee and some enjoyed a glass of champagne once booze could legally be served come 8 a.m. as they took in what How About We's Chiara Atik called a "real-life fairy tale."

The Feast was curious to hear what the New York audience--which included a few Brits on "holiday"--thought of the ceremony: lowlights, highlights, the odds of Wills and Kate staying married and, given the presence of Elton John in Westminster Abbey, the pop star they'd most like at their own vow exchange. So we conducted exit interviews with the onlookers as they made their way to work or home, the whole time dreaming of swinging from a Buckingham Palace with that no good lout Prince Harry at the non-televised reception.

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