Thrillist Ed Adam Rich at Super Bowl Bash: Sweet on Saints

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Thrillist editor in chief Adam Rich said he was feeling sweet on the Saints last night during the site's swanky Super Bowl bash at the Bentley Hotel.

"Everybody's got a sweet spot ... for New Orleans," Rich said, "especially with Katrina and this whole kind of rebuild. If it's not anybody's home team, I think it's easier to feel sweet on the Saints than the Colts maybe.

"Also I think the Mannings are just generally overexposed so it's easy to like the other guy." 

This wasn't the typical Super Bowl suds-swilling affair. The Saints-leaning crowd was plied with Absolut cocktails as they sat in the plush Bentley Hotel penthouse on the Upper  East Side.

"I'm just trying to watch a good game and hopefully the numbers will end on one of my boxes," he said.  

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