New Yoga Studio for Plus-Size Clientele in Union Square

A new yoga studio catering to a plus-size clientele has opened in Union Square, indicating yoga's growing popularity among larger people.

Buddha Body Yoga opened this month when the demand for regular weekday classes held in other studios began to grow, instructor Michael Hayes told the Daily News.

The Buddha Body Yoga classes use more props than most other yoga classes, including chairs for participants to lean on for the downward-facing dog pose and bolsters they can slip under their stomachs while lying down.

According to the News, yoga and other exercise courses tailored for larger-size clients have been growing in the past 10 years.

"Large women have been marginalized and when they go to exercise classes, people have presumptions about them," Linda Bacon, author of "Health at Every Size," told the News. "They don't feel like they are in a safe place... [Now] people in bigger bodies are recognizing that they have a right to better exercise conditions."

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