New Favorite Thing: Fire Island Lighthouse Ale

… and if our hunch is correct, becomes the official beer of summer 2009

Light, summery, and local, just like its namesake, the new Fire Island Lighthouse Ale has landed at a few city restaurants and gourmet shops, according to the thirsty folks at Gothamist (and our own palate).

It’s the debut offering of the Fire Island Beer Company, whose shtick is reminiscent of the “come to our island, where everything’s different and laid-back” vibe in play at juice company Nantucket Nectars: The beer’s motto is “Welcome to the Other New York,” and the company’s website is all about how deer run the island. Cute!

Anyway, we can tell you this: The Lighthouse Ale is delicious, and we’re looking forward to future brews from the FIBC -- more info on those at Gothamist, which also has a short list of where to find Lighthouse now (including Little Giant and Bierkraft).

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