Fluke and Tomatoes and Thyme Forecast Summer at ‘wichcraft and Salumeria Rosi

Welcome to Tuesday's New Releases, wherein chefs premiere dishes that hit tables around the city this week. Just as records, books, and other forms of consumables drop on Tuesdays, so do new plates. This week: fluke ceviche and Pepolino.

1) 'wichcraft, "Fluke Ceviche"
From Chef Sisha Ortuzar: "Being from Chile, ceviche is a dish that is close to my heart; it also happens to be one of my favorites. I chose to prepare it in the Chilean style. It’s a simpler approach than the Ecuadorean or Peruvian ceviches – using only lemon, onion, salt and pepper. The watermelon and green mango are there as fun textural elements."

2) Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto, "Pepolino"
From Cesare Casella: "Pepolino is a classic example of how "True Italian" food is simple and delicious. Whole canned tomatoes imported from Italy, freshly grated Pecorino Romano DOP and Parmigiano Reggiano, great extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany and local green market thyme...so simple, so great, so delicious."

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