A New Blonde in D&G Gal Hacking Case

Yet another victim of Wise's alleged harrassment emerges

It's been a tough week for Dolce & Gabbana PR maven Ali Wise, and it's only getting worse. Page Six today reports that yet another alleged victim has apparently gone to the police this week, and "a civil suit involving more girls" may be in the works.

Wise has already been charged with allegedly bypassing the security on interior designer Nina Freudenberger's voicemail, and now Briana Rasinksi, yet another blond gal-about-town (this one a freelance fashion designer), is accusing Wise of making repeated harrassing phone calls. Why all the calls? Because she, like Freudenberger, is an ex-girlfriend of Downtown Records founder Josh Deutsch (who also happens to be Wise's ex). The alleged phone call frenzy took place in 2006, shortly after Rasinksi had started dating Deutsch.

While Page Six was asking if Wise might have a thing for blondes (so far, all of her victims have been light-haired), we might suggest that it was, in fact, Deutsch, who seems to have a fondness for them.

Whateve the end result, it seems Wise is coping well enough to write "thank you!" to a well-wisher on her Twitter page, who'd posted: "haters R N full effect, they want 2 block the shine, can't let them block ur shine, girl!:)" Clearly, Wise does have her supporters.

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