Net-a-Porter's New Premier Service

While most in the country were staggering under the weight of a horrifying jobs report and hints of the worst recession of a generation, high-end designer e-tailer issued a rather amazing press release, considering the circumstances: The shopping site now offers a "Premier service" which ensures same-day delivery in New York City. Seven days a week.

That's right, friends, if you "want an even faster fashion fix," you can now spend a mere mere $25 flat fee (no matter how many Alexander McQueen dresses you need, and wherever you live!), and get the luxury item simply have to have right-now-right-now delivered right to your door—up until 8PM on weeknights and 5:30PM on weekends. (As a sidebar: Can you imagine what life must be like for the poor Premier team, making sure thousands upon thousands of dollars' worth of designer merchandise makes it to the woman who simply must have that pair of gold strappy sandals for her cocktail party that night?

The best part is that there's a "discreet packaging option," so, you know, you don't feel that your not-exactly-recession-friendly spending habits aren't exposed to the plebians. This way, you can not only buy those $770 purple Marni slingbacks STAT, you can also get them right away, and without shame. If only solving the credit crisis were this easy!

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