Nan Goldin for Bottega Veneta


Celebrated documentary photographer Nan Goldin has officially entered the commercial world with her first ad campaign, shot for Bottega Veneta and debuting in February titles.

Seems as though photographers are working hard for the money these days, as Goldin becomes the next to expand to advertising -- much like Annie Liebovitz for Disney -- trading in her usual subjects (deep in the subcultures of punk, sex, and often the most raw of human interactions) for lighter, more fashionable fare. The peachy-lit model lounging on a messy bed in some kind of crumbling cathedral in rich Italian textiles with a $3,000 handbag tossed at her pedicured feet seems like quite the departure, if you ask us.

Granted, we love Goldin and want her to stay in business -- much as we love Liebovitz and wish her the same -- so maybe Goldin's talent for capturing the essence of human behavior will parlay nicely into the gloss of fashion, under the guise of a different kind of beautiful intrigue.

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