Nailspiration: Fleury Rose's Gorgeous Hand-Painted Designs

A trained painter, Fleury Rose has become something of a legend in the world of nail art. Here, a look at her favorite-ever designs.

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Fleury Rose
Pierpaolo Ferrari for CR Fashion Book
Working out of Bushwick's Tomahawk Salon, Fleury Rose has become something of a nail art legend. A trained painter, each of Rose's work is marked by cheeky playfulness and meticulous attention to detail. Here, the artist shares some of her favorite-ever designs. "This image is special to me because it was the first time I met and worked with Carine Roitfeld," says Fleury. "I attached real human hair extensions to model Sui He's nails."
C/O Fleury Rose
"I did this design to pay homage to Biggie," Fleury says of her floral-accented 'RIP Biggie' manicure. "I'm really proud of the intricacy of his portrait [on the thumbnail]. Before I started doing nails professionally, I studied painting and illustration—I think this manicure shows how I try to bring elements of art into my nail creations."
C/O Fleury Rose
"Art inspires a lot of my work," Fleury says of this quirky Yoshitomo Nara-inspired design. "This was also the first time I did my 'cigarette nail' design, which became very popular with clients!"
C/O Fleury Rose
Mexican sugar skulls make terrific tattoos (just walk down Bedford Avenue if you need evidence), but Fleury proves that the motif makes top-notch nail art, too, with her colorful skull-themed manicure.
Arthur Belebeau for Seventeen Magazine
"Seventeen has always been very supportive of my work," Fleury says of this edgy editorial shot by photographer, Arthur Belebeau. "They're big nail art fans. This image really appeals to the side of me that's totally obsessed with cuteness!"
C/O Fleury Rose
With Halloween right around the corner, it's no surprise that Fleury is whipping up spooky new nail art complete with black bats, spiderwebs and smiling jack o' lanterns.
C/O Fleury Rose
Another look at Fleury's 3-D nail art skills. This splashy mixed-media mani features spikes, crystals, and geometric beads.
C/O Fleury Rose
Our favorite manicures, however, are the ones that show off Fleury's considerable painting skills, like these funky collage nails, which feature everything from orange flames to a Union Jack. To check out more of Fleury's work or to schedule an appointment, visit her Tumblr page or Tomahawk Salon.
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