Must See NYC: Shinji Masuko, Soft Circle, Man Forever


On Monday night at Brooklyn's Knitting Factory, expect some well-crafted experimental in three different forms.

Shinji Masuko is one of Japan's strongest flagbearers of the psychedelic, being a founding member of the great psych band DMBQ and a full-time member of the all-important Boredoms, since 2004. In April, he released the mini-album Woven Music. The two-track 12" on Jagjaguwar-affiliated Brah records packs as much power in those two tracks as most artists accomplish in an entire album. One side, "Woven Music for Blue Steppe" features a gentler acoustic drone. The other -- embedded below -- dishes up some harsher tones you'd expect from someone who's known for building a seven-necked guitar.

Shinji Masuko: "Woven Music For Silver Ocean" by alteredzones

Soft Circle is the one-man rhythmic flurry of Hisham Bharoocha, formerly of Black Dice. (Word is Soft Circle is actually now a duo, along with Ben Vida). Taking the possibilities of sequencing and looping to their absolute limit, Bharoocha makes intricate sound sculptures, building up harmonic vortices through samples, guitar and voice, before grooving each piece across drums.

Last time we heard from Man Forever, the experimental ensemble from Oneida's Kid Millions, they were playing five of the same vast guitar take, simultaneously. (Kid Millions also happens to curate Brah Records). On Monday night, Man Forever will be subbed out by a different leader, as Kid appears to be delayed in Spain. The ensemble will appear as a trio of snare, bass and organ.

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