Must See NYC: Oval, Oneohtrix Point Never, Burning Star Core

Tonight, Public Assembly presents an excellent pairing of three solo experimental acts: Oval, Oneohtrix Point Never and Burning Star Core.

Markus Popp is the one-man force behind Oval, largely considered as being the originator of the glitch movement in the 90s. Oval's still touring on his 2010 monolith of electronic O, a 50-track, 2-disc wonder that's as much art-text as it is sound-object.

He'll be the most accessible of the three acts tonight. This is particularly owed to his flawless jazz breakbeats across O. Live, he's been reworking the complex percussion from the album into groovey monsters, lodged into a lattice of warped acoustic sounds, pitting rhythm and timbre at one another in a clash of reality with algorithm.

This is an excellent parallel for Oval's recent work, that battle between the organic and synthetic -- particularly as a dichotomy of source vs. instrument. This is most apparent when paired with the visual interpretation of his tunes.

To get a better grip on this, we've embedded two for you below.

First, the stunning video for "Ah!"

And the more restrained production for "Kastell."

Oneohtrix Point Never is the excellent synth drone/ambient project of Daniel Lopatin, of Ford and Lopatin. Burning Star Core is the moniker of C. Spencer Yeh, a one-man noise project of varied instrumentation. Doors are at 8:30 p.m. at Public Assembly, 70 North 6 Street, Brooklyn.

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