Must See NYC: Born Gold


The last time I saw Born Gold -- formerly the future-pop performance troupe called Gobble Gobble from Edmonton, Alberta -- I collapsed outside the venue, out of breath and sweat-soaked.

The band's live show under any name plays out like a cybernetic sacrifice of all bad vibes, an alkaline Rites of Spring.

There was body paint and costumes and ad-hoc instruments and room-enveloping circle pits and enough electronic propulsion to give the whole thing a catapult into another sphere. Worth it.

Two things are happening for the band today: 1) Their debut LP drops on Crash Symbols, the label's first non-cassette release that you can order here. 2) Born Gold plays Glasslands tonight in a headlining set presented by Oh My Rockness and PopGun.

I think it's the band's first time in New York City since last October. New Moods, Snakes Say Hiss and Magic Mountain provide support.

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