Murray Hill's Own Anthem

Murray Hill has found its Springsteen and he has made his "Born to Run." (The Jersey legislature famously nearly made that song the state's anthem, until they realized "It's a death trap/ It's a suicide rap" referred to the Garden State. "The Murray Hill Song" might be a little more inside baseball than anything the Boss has written, but the five-minute ditty neatly encapsulates the tenor of our times — well, if you are a self-entitled MH-dweller who hangs at the Joshua Tree and grew up on Long Island spending the summer on teen tours. Most neighborhoods inspire some sort of civic pride in its residents; Murray Hill is an exception.

The rhymes in "The Murray Hill Song" are, well, nearly limericks, but lines like, "Girl I know you want that real estate lawyer, but there's no need for an eating disorder," are pure gold. The denouement: "I was leaving Murray Hill for an East Village loft, but my family lost its money because of Bernie Madoff."

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