Mulberry Creates “Alexa” Bag for Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung's MTV show may be cancelled, but her style influence has clearly left a mark on the industry, as evidenced by Mulberry's launching a versatile, menswear-inspired carryall named after her.

Chung has been quite fond of Mulberry's "Baywater" bag -- Mulberry's iconic satchel that features both a shorter strap and a messenger-style longer strap, perfect for travel and city life (read: fashion week). So the company decided to update the bag with more contemporary colors and finishes, and have made it available in three different sizes, according to Lucky -- a clutch, an oversize carryall, and the standard size which includes the longer, detachable strap.

While the bag's price tag is pretty substantial -- $1,250 -- we must say the cut and silhouette are pitch-perfect for the city, adn if we were to have a bag named for us, we'd be hard pressed to ask for better.

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