eXquire Drops Mixtape, Holiday Wishes

New York rapper Mr. Muthafxxxxn eXquire has been busy touring and basking in the praise of his debut mixtape Lost In Translation, a smart-stupid celebration of bad behavior and good punchlines. But that doesn't mean he's lost sight of what the season is really all about, and he's doing his best to raise a little bit of last-minute holiday cheer with the release of his new mixtape, which we'll have to call Merry eX-Mas Suck My...and which features good cheer-inducing cameos from Troy Ave, Maffew Ragazino and the allmighty Danny Brown.

We've got a tracklist and the video for his new single "Motivate To Be Rich," featuring Dallas The Kid below. And should you find yourself without any plans, eXQuire is playing a last minute at The Highline Ballroom with Action Bronson, whose mixtape Dr. Lecter is the year's other must hear New York rap mixtape

 Merry eX-Mas Suck My...

1.  The Gold Watch

2. Two 22's b/w Twenty Two 2's

3. Huzzah 2 ft. Heron

4. The Rocketeer

5. Killah Tofu ft. Danny Brown

6. Patches

7. S.C.U.M

8. Mau Mau ft. Maffew Ragazino

9. Biggie Tribute w/ Dallas Tha Kid

10. RIP Payso

11. Devil's Pie w/ Goldie Glo

12. No Remorse

13. Nightmare on Fed Street w/ Troy Ave

14. Power U Pt. 2 ft. Dallas Tha Kid

15. Drunken Freestyle with Trax

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