MpFree Wednesday: Year of the Tiger's EP

Who: Electrorock outfit Year of the Tiger, born in Brooklyn in summer of 2010 (not coincidentally, the year of the tiger). A laptop, guitar, and a vocal mic is all Henry Ivry (IVRY), Kevin Simon and Sable Yong (Chalk & Numbers) need to create their crazy-catchy wall-of-sound songs. We dare you to press play on YOTT’s just-out EP Good Day For a Tiger and not listen to it on repeat for the rest of the day. They’re playing at Fat Baby on the Lower East Side on Saturday, March 26. 

Reminds us of: Sleigh Bells, Yeah Yeah Yeahs 

Download this: We like the tracks Rockit and War, but you can download the full six-song Good Day For a Tiger EP for free from Bandcamp.


Rockit by Year of the Tiger

War by Year of the Tiger


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