MpFree Wednesday: Peter Murphy, “I Spit Roses”


Who: To some, having one’s art be divisive is just about the best outcome one can hope for, and Peter Murphy’s done his share of dividing in his four decades spent confounding fans and critics alike, making music in and out of the band he fronted. The embattled Bauhaus, often credited with birthing or at least crystallizing the genre of gothic rock, broke up for the first time in 1983, the last, in 2009—but he’s been busy since, collaborating with Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails, and showing up briefly as The Cold One in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

On June 7, Murphy releases his ninth solo album—the first in seven years--aptly titled Ninth (Nettwerk). If you missed his show at Highline Ballroom in early April, catch him in a quick, free in-store performance/signing at J&R that day at 6PM before he heads off on a West Coast tour. 

Download this: “I Spit Roses” mp3, below. (Fun fact: The title refers to an actual incident when Murphy spit roses at the other members of Bauhaus.)



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