Move Over Real Housewives, Here Come the Gay Socialites


As if the "Real Housewives" of New York haven’t stirred up enough drama and mud-slinging in the Big Apple, here come some of the city’s gay socialites.

 “The A-List” started filming in New York City this month, and it promises all the usual superficial fun but this time with a heavy dosage of muscle. All six cast members work as models, have worked as models, or claim to have worked as models. There’ll be plenty of eye candy here!
“We have in our cast people who are already recognizable,” said Dominick Pupa, a producer for the show.

Reality TV star Reichen Lehmkuhl, who is also starring in the off-Broadway show “My Big Gay Italian Wedding,” and his boyfriend, Rodiney Santiago, are part of the crew, along with former model Derek Lloyd Saathoff, celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz, hair salon owner Ryan Nickulas, and designer Marc Jacobs' former beau and model Austin A.

“There were pre-existing relationships, friendships, and intimate relationships,” said Pupa. “Most of the cast knew of each other.”

The cast lives scattered across Manhattan, from the Upper East Side to Chelsea to the Village, and shooting will also take place in the Hamptons and Fire Island. Cameras will be rolling at charity and red carpet events and all the usual summer hot spots. Logo TV plans to start airing the show sometime in October.

“The formula itself will make people want to watch the show,” said Pupa. “Following fabulous people is a billion-dollar industry in our country.”

Lehmkuhl, 36, hopes to clear up previous misrepresentations with the new show. 
“I’ve had some public exposure - I mean I’ve done a couple of reality shows - and I’ve had to kind of sit back and not respond to press that depicts me not the way I am,” he said.

Ruiz chose to do the show, despite that his partner opted out, because being in a TV show has been one of his lifelong goals. 

“It’s something fun to do for the summer," said Ruiz.

He previously appeared on another Logo TV show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” The 45-year-old photographer also wants to draw attention to a cause dear to his heart, the gay, lesbian, and transgender hotline The Trevor Helpline.

“It’s a means to an end,” said Ruiz of the show. “I want to use this responsibly. I’m hoping that it will have a much more positive spin.”

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