The Breast Intentions

Those who were wondering, among other things, whether or not you can show up a LaGuardia with more than three ounces of pumped breast milk (officially known as "expressed human milk") are in luck. The New Yorker has the answers to this and more (perhaps much more than you ever wanted to know) in a story on lactating ladies that gets down to the last drop. And don't worry: After a traveling business woman broke down in tears when two-days of her milk was poured out into a garbage can at the security checkpoint, the T.S.A moved it from the list of personal hygiene items into the family of “liquid medication.” Talk about the milk of human kindness.

For the modern gal, choosing to breastfeed your baby often means juggling a breast pump and a blackberry, as the world's greatest mother Sarah Palin,  stated so eloquently last fall. While controversy surrounding the practice of suckling young ones in public is nothing new, today’s lactivists are dealing with a whole new bottle of milk. Facebook said no thank you to pictures of moms nursing, claiming that pictures of babies breastfeeding falls under the “lewd or obscene” category and violate their terms of use. As one mother said: “Everyone wants to see your breasts, until your baby needs them.”

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