MoSex Stuffs its Stocking With New Goodies

Time Out checks out new sexhibits at the Museum of Sex -- you'll never be able to look at Donald Duck the same way again

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Hey, got family coming to visit for the holidays? It's always difficult to come up with new activities for those out-of-towners, isn't it? Like how many times can you see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular? A Rockette is a Rockette is a Rockette, right? So Time Out offers up a fun little excursion: the "newly spiced-up permanent collection at the Museum of Sex." (NSFW)

That's right, MoSex has added a bunch of new exhibits (you know, to keep the magic alive): One is a "nine-foot-tall, steel-framed love pen used to punish naughty 'slaves' during floggings," graciously donated by a New York dominatrix who was apparently "cleaning up her dungeon" and wanted to redecorate. MoSex's "squeezably soft" female love doll, which had been a crowdpleaser for a couple of years running, was worn down from visitors constantly getting their grubby paws all over it; it has been replaced (as is usually the case) with a "younger, fitter" version. So that's depressing. But she is being joined by a man-doll whose bait and tackle is made of high-grade silicone, so good for her. Finally, there's something very, very un-Disney: Tijuana bibles, those wee volumes that made the rounds in the 1930s depicting cartoon characters in compromising positions. (You know that episode of The Office where someone slips a naughty watermark into the paper stock that shows "a beloved cartoon duck performing an unspeakable act upon a certain cartoon mouse" ? Yeah, pretty much exactly like that.)

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