Morphosis Reflects Old on New at Cooper Union

A surprise from architect Thom Mayne and his always creative gang at Morphosis was recently revealed along little Shevchenko Place where the grand dome of St. George's Ukrainian Church is now perfectly framed and reflected by the windows of the new Cooper Union. The day we passed by, the crew was prepping the site for removal of the big crane that has towered over The Bowery for the past year. The sidewalk shed, which for months has hidden the crazy-angled base, had been removed and the massive concrete footings could be seen in all their glory. Up top the crew was setting into place the last of the steel framework which will hold the meshy membrane covering the concrete core. It's a job that required a certain steadiness of nerves. Moments of rest were few and far between, but when those moments did arrive they were enjoyed to the fullest.
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