Morning Massacre: Limestone Lovely Comes With Controversy

Was: $20,000,000
Now: $17,500,000
You Save!: $2,500,000

To us, the very modern renovation of this UES rowhouse is pretty friggin' gorgeous, but the recent pricechop on the 20-foot-wide home at 33 East 63rd Street just adds insult to injury for Upper East Side preservationists (hence, Tom Wolfe with a shiv). Back in 2004, the plan to build a rear addition and switch the five-story townhouse's facade from brownstone to limestone drew some heat from various groups. After some negotiation, the Landmarks Preservation Commission approved the changes, which gave us what you see in the gallery above. Perhaps it's a little much for those who normally spend $20M+ on 100-year-old Upper East Side townhouses, which could explain the fairly severe cut. Still, we'd happily deal with the locals' angry looks to get our hands on that back yard—bamboo, Buddha and all.
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