Morning Massacre: Crazy 15 CPW Flip a Bit Too Crazy

Was: $35,000,000
Now: $31,500,000
You Save!: $3,500,000

The voodoo economics of 15 Central Park West aren't panning out. Sure, we've seen some grotesque resales in the Limestone Jesus, but those $80M+ sales haven't materialized, and some of the ballsiest flips have been trimmed a bit. Add this latest PriceChopper to the latter category. Apartment #38A hit the market with much fanfare in September, when casino kingpin Richard Fields listed his $13.35 million 3BR purchase in the building for a stunning $35 million. You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, so a few days ago 10% was knocked off the asking price. If it sells north of $30M, this flip would still be legendary, so let's not shed a tear quite yet for our dear dear friend 15 Central Park West.
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