Monday's Winners and Losers

The Obamas' social secretary, Carolina Herrera, and more!

The Winners
- Ashley DuPre: Her presence on the front row at Yigal Azrouel may have gotten PR diva Kelly Cutrone fired over the weekend, the prostitute-turned-singer landed herself an interview-slash-Valentines'-dinner with WWD! Granted, the interview was entitled "Dishing with Ashley Dupre," which doesn't exactly channel the kind of venerable tone most fashion magazines usually go for; and we were struck by how sad it was that several reporters supped with a former call-girl rather than their own loved ones, but hey, you go, girl.
- PETA: After a lengthy feud&38212;which included, at one point, a PETA operative invading her home, American fashion legend Donna Karan will no longer be showing fur in her collections.
- Thakoon: The collection may have been a tad all over the place (Subdued? Ultra-bright? It was like he couldn't decide), but his seats have never been more packed with fashion heavyweights, from Anna Wintour to Michelle Obama's newly-unveiled stylist.
- Carolina Herrera: The Daily News raved over the "classiest peep show in town" collection of body-hugging dresses and asymmetrical decolletage.

The Losers
- The Obamas: Despite the image of being the president and first family of the people, some were a little surprised when Michelle sent her "social secretary" to the tents this weekend. Granted, we would have been ecstatic if the First Lady had decided to come to New York for the week, Gawker made quite the stink about how fancy a move like that actually made the Obamas look, and there's many who will probably agree. Oh, and did we mention she was sitting next to Anna Wintour?
- Celebrity-attracting fashion shows: Lindsay Lohan generated enough flashbulbs to stop a raging bull, and even a semi-naked model and a long runway didn't stop onlookers at Jill Stuart from being totally distracted by the Hilton sisters. What happened to this just being an industry event this year again?

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