Momofuku Chronicles: “Don't F With the Chang”

From the Eater mailbox: how the Chang handles some drunk ruffians disturbing the peace at Momofuku Noodle Bar:

So I was at momfuku tonight around 9 and there were a bunch of drunk guys at the table closest to the door - about nine of them. They were drinking tons and being really obnoxious and the bartender cut them off. One of the guys jumped up to fight the bartender and his friends held him back.

Chang was behind the kitchen bar staring them down with daggers. It was like he was mentally telling them "don't screw with my ramen!". So they finally got them to leave and one of the guys tipped a table over and broke a glass. The staff finally pushed them out.

Chang followed the group of nine drunk jerks outside to have a word with them. I didn't follow, but my friend whose a smoker conveniently went to have a smoke. A bunch of the kitchen staff rushed out to make sure it didn't explode. According to my friend "Chang was stone faced staring at him, and they were yelling f- you, and he keeps staring them down, arms crossed."

Then he told my friend he comped their bill, which had to be a few hundred dollars. Because "he didn't want their money"...he just defended his restaurant like a badass protecting his castle from an evil dragon. He just went up 100x in my book. Don't f with chang.

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