The Disappearing Faces of Old New York

An art exhibit titled MOM & POPism  is recreating some of the city's most historic streets and ethnic store fronts in life-size scale, along with showing the work of New York's hottest graffiti and street artists.  Pink woman, er, flatulating flowers outside of Ralph's Discount City?  Check.

The installation is open to the public through the end of the month by appointment and is set on the roof of the Gawker media building in NoLita.  The concept behind the installation is to reinterpret Jim and Karla Murray's latest book, Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York. Curated by Billi Kid, the artist employed some of the city's most re-known street artists such as, Peru Ana Ana Peru, Infinity and Goldenstash to work on the re-created store fronts (which appear frighteningly perfect renditions of the original locations). 

The whole project feels indisputably timely (once upon a time Mom and Pops shops thrived in New York!) and, like a good Scorsese film reminds us, recreated old New York seduces.  Sigh.

MOM & POPism is located on the rooftop of 210 Elizabeth St. in NoLita

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