Models Look Angry Because Smiling Is Awkward

Smiling on the runway is just awkward

A few weeks ago New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn addressed the question of why models look so angry on the runways. And while we understand her answer that designers told them to look that way, we have a new theory: Smiling on the runway is just awkward. Strange as that sounds, the catwalk is pretty much the only time when a smile can possibly ruin a picture. Just think about that moment before laughter erupts, or before you want to giggle at an inside joke, or when you have chipmunk cheeks. Would you want a photograph taken then to be distributed around the world? Uh, no. Then there's the fact that many models are mere teenagers, and their age shows through smiling. Just one smirk takes them from ideal beauty to looking like gangly teens playing dress-up in mom's closet. And is that a way to sell a $2,000 dress? Unlikely. We love the fashion fantasy; we just don't think awkward fits in it. Click ahead to see what we mean.

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