Mobius Band Finds That Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do

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It comes with a heavy heart to report that Brooklyn based, indie electro artists Mobius Band has gone on permanent hiatus. While the band has been off the grid for over six months, no definitive statement had been issued until yesterday morning when word of the official breakup arrived via email. The band remains grateful to their friends and fans despite the struggles they’ve encountered over the years and summed up their time together with great admiration to all those involved:

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to anyone who came to see us play, let us sleep on their floor, bought us a drink, said something nice (or at least didn't slander us anonymously on the internet), continued to date (and ultimately marry) us despite being gone for 6 months at a stretch, gave us money to make a record, gave us directions to the hotel, or just gave us some sense that you cared when we showed up in your town.  It was not lost on us, and you've made being Mobius Band all these years an unforgettable experience.”

The three-piece consisting of Ben Sterling (keyboard / guitar / vox), Peter Sax (bass / keyboard / vox) and Noam Schatz met at Wesleyan University in the late 90s and have been producing intelligent pop music for the better part of a decade. While Mobius Band preceded the Wesleyan Mafia that berthed numerous bands including international popstars MGMT, their legacy lies less in their associations and more in the stellar full length records The Loving Sounds of Static (Ghostly International) and Heaven (Misra). In addition to artfully crafted recordings, they enjoyed a successful touring career that saw them play in 13 different countries alongside popular artists like The National, Cut Copy and Tokyo Police Club.

Longtime manager Jacob Harris had this to add, "I hope that in a decade I'll be able to say Mobius Band's popularity and influence has grown. To me, albums like Heaven and City Vs Country are evergreen, and the band has had the good fortune to have thousands of fans all over the world who think the same."

With the death of Mobius Band comes life in the form of new projects by all three members. Sax and his wife Jessica create intimate melancholy pop under the moniker Ladies & Gentlemen. Schatz sticks with the three-piece model and plays with LOLFM who are giving away their glitch-pop debut, We Are Its Waves, for free here. Finally, Sterling takes the solo approach with his catchy new project entitled Cookies who you can expect to be playing out in New York in the very near future.

Nonstop Sound wishes them all the best of luck in their new endeavors.

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