Mistakes Women Make When Working Out


You've finally perfected that challenging workout routine, only to find you're getting less out of it as time goes on. Maybe it's time to reevaluate what you're doing -- you may discover you need to make some adjustments.

Shape Magazine got some tips from celebrity trainer and Barry's Bootcamp co-president Joey Gonzalez (the L.A.-based bootcamp is soon opening shop in New York City, by the way, according to Well + Good NYC). He says these are common mistakes women make while working out:

  • Neglecting either cardio or body sculpting. Gonzalez says strength-training is equally important as cardio for boosting metabolism.
  • Ignoring weights. Women who use weights build more muscle, and "muscle is an integral part of actually burning calories throughout the day," according to Gonzales.
  • More isn't always effective. Doing cardio for an extended period of time sends your body into a "steady state," when it begins to burn its own muscle. "[Y]ou can actualyl do more harm than good sometimes when you're going too crazy on the cardio."
  • One pace doesn't win the race. Vary the levels of exertion -- get some sprints in, for example.
  • There are no "men's" and "women's" workouts. "Women are very, very strong and resilient, and I've just been impressed over the 7 years of my career," Gonzalez told Shape.

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