Mike Doughty Releases Memoir

Songwriter Mike Doughty wrote for the "New York Press" before his former band Soul Coughing took off in the '90s, and he was one of the earliest musicians to embrace blogging. He's always had a knack for storytelling detail, so it's not too surprising that he's releasing a memoir.

"The Book of Drugs" will be released on Feb. 1 by Da Capo Press, and it will cover his time in Soul Coughing, his early years in New York and his addiction and recovery from heroin.

Doughty will be reading from "Drugs" on Feb. 2 at the Barnes & Noble in Tribeca, and will also embark on a national tour in support of the book and his recent album Yes and Also Yes, that will see him perform songs, read from the book and take questions from the audience.

That tour will drop by The German House in Rochester on Feb. 24 and The Linda Theatre on Feb. 25, should you find that the memoir does not adequately answer all your questions about the deeper meaning behind "Super Bon Bon."

Also, on Jan. 31, Doughty will release The Question Jar Show, a two-disc live album of songs from his 2009 tour that features Doughty and sideman Andrew "Scrap" Livingston playing songs and answering questions from the audience. Doughty will release the album through his label Snack Bar.

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