Mike Doughty Launches “Lo-Fi Lounge” Series

mike doughty

New York songwriter Mike Doughty is a prolific sort, usually good for an album every two years or so. But apparently he's even more prolific than we imagined, as he is launching his own subscription series. 

The series is dubbed "The Lo-Fi Lounge," and fans can sign up to receive one unreleased song a week via email link for 32 weeks.

It might be a completely unheard song, an 8-track demo of something from his Haughty Melodic album, a rare soundtrack cut or an early version of a song that landed in more polished form on Golden Delicious

Fans can sign up here for $20. Registration closes on April 27.

In other Doughty news, he will be playing songs and reading from his recent memoir "The Book of Drugs" at the City Winery on April 21. You can buy tickets for that here

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