Michelle Obama: The Best Thing to Happen to J.Crew Since Madras

[Screencap via Mrs.O; dress image via J.Crew]

Is it unfair to think about Michelle Obama only in terms of her sense of style? Obama is undeniably well-dressed, but when the media (us included) fixates on her wardrobe, we're ignoring the fact that she's also a successful professional. The Columbia Journalism Review points out that sites like Mrs. O are certainly helpful to her image: "A smart, no-nonsense, Ivy-educated lawyer is a much less relatable figure, after all—as far as the majority of Americans are concerned, anyway—than a Target-loving Supermom." But at the same time, presenting her as Jackie O completely ignores her non-sartorial accomplishments.

Whether this is good or bad for Obama, it's definitely gravy for J.Crew. Plug "Obama" into the search engine on their website and it will give you the Pembridge-dot pencil skirt. Ditto "Michelle." The skirt, of course, is the one Mrs. O herself wore and discussed on Leno the other night. And not only has J.Crew made the Democratic candidate's wife into a search term on their site, but they've also bought Google ads offering "the look Michelle Obama wore on the Tonight Show." We think we know how J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler will be voting this Tuesday.
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