Michel Gondry Up to Something in Burg?: Who knew that obscure Orient Avenue…

Who knew that obscure Orient Avenue would become such a hotbed of intrigue? Now, Michel Gondry, who recently bought a home there, is shooting some music-related vid in front of his new digs. "Last night I passed by two guarded, trash bag-covered cameras in front of his house that had been set up earlier that day. When I asked the guys watching the equipment if Gondry was involved, they smiled but would not confirm it. When I then asked if Michel Gondry was paying them well to stay up all night, they said yes...Gondry told me that he was shooting a music video but would not reveal the artist." Used to be so quiet over there. Well, at least nobody was stabbed. [Flavorwire]For more stories from Curbed, go to curbed.com.

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