MJ's Clothing Line a Very Real Possibility

In one of the Today Show's daily updates on what Michael Jackson's death means for America, they investigated the clothing line he was rumored to be creating with Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier.

With Jackson gone, Audigier is free to reveal all to the media. According to Audigier, Jackson wanted to do a "chic" clothing line and approached him about designing it. Audigier and his team came up with sketches for T-shirts, jackets, socks, gloves, and other accessories. Jackson specifically requested Audigier include umbrellas, which he seldom used in inclement weather.

The deal wasn't yet signed when Jackson died, but Audigier still hopes to roll out the line. The Jackson Jacket, which would have retailed for $250 and is surprisingly devoid of sparkly things, could now retail for $500. The good news is that it sounds like Audigier's time is better spent bedazzling this stuff than hanging out on boats with Jon Gosselin and dreaming up baby onesies. The bad news is, he may be able to buy a few more yachts or open another douchetastic nightclub.

Jackson's clothing line revealed [MSNBC via Racked]

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