Men in Skirts!

Ed Westwick and others embraced Scottish heritage, bare legs at Monday night's Dressed to Kilt fundraiser

When we woke up this morning, we figured it would be just another Tuesday. Then we saw the photo feed from last night's 7th Annual Dressed to Kilt fashion show/fundraiser at M2 Lounge for the Friends of Scotland society, and as you might expect, it features a whole lot of men in skirts. Oh happy day!

Among those who wore their kilts with confidence and, thus, rocked our world: Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick, Mike Myers (yes, even despite the hockey jersey), event chair and UltraScot Sean Connery (who doesn't age!), George "Eyebrows" Whipple, and the Geico caveman. Yep, you read that right. (Is Geico Scottish, or something?)

Among those who looked perfectly miserable and who were clearly forced into participating by their agents, wives, or Scottish grandmothers: NASCAR driver (and Mr. Ashley Judd) Dario Franchitti, NY Giant Lawrence Tynes, and ex-Yankee Bernie Williams. So, in other words, all the sports guys. Bet David Beckham would have been totally cool with it.

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